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Social Media for Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Use Social Media for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Use Social Media for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Use social media before, during and after your campaign.

Discover here how to use social media to achieve crowdfunding success.

Choose Social Channels for the Campaign

Develop a social media strategy

Launch your social media campaign months in advance

Select a Campaign Hashtag

Leverage Community Through Twitter and Facebook

Reach beyond your immediate network! If you only post your crowdfunding campaign to your personal Twitter and Facebook page, you will place the burden of the success of your campaign on the shoulders of your friends and family.

Boost Posts

Use a mix of informative and sales-type posts.

Tweets need to be short, awesome punches that people cannot resist clicking on and re-tweeting, ans images and pictures. On Facebook, you can write longer messages.

Smart messages:

  • “Help me spread the word: “LINK HERE”
  • “Know anyone who might like this? “LINK HERE”
  • Who can help me find the next backer? “LINK HERE”

Track Results and Refine Content

Pitch Your Campaign to Crowdfunding Specialists