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What is Thunderclap campaign

What is Thunderclap campaign

Thunderclap is a platform that combines crowdspeaking and social media, allows users to create a campaign by writing a message, and contact your “supporters” to agree to share the message by a certain time and date; on that specified date, the message is blasted out on Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr, leading to massive social reach and amplification. The goal is to create a trending topic. One hashtag in twitter, Tumblr or facebook used by millions of people can give a campaign a larger, more diverse audience to leverage for their crowdfunding campaign, product or message.

For example one Tweet, is boosted at the same time from many different twitter, Tumblr and facebook users’ who have joined a campaign through Thunderclap. Thousands of tweets and shares happening all at once can help your campaign message trend on Twitter, Tumblr or get noticed on Facebook.

Thunderclap will let your supporters sign up and essentially donate their Tumblr,  Facebook and Twitter feeds to your crowdfunding campaign, releasing a flood of tweets and Facebook updates at a certain time. This can help your crowdfunding, product, non-profit or political campaign gain power on social media.

Thunderclap service is easy to use, free or paid with a lot of extras, and only generates tweets and posts from users who sign in. Every campaign must be approved.

If you need more help about your thunderclap campaign, please contact us. We can help you promote and support your thunderclap campaign with our special service.

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