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Crowdfunding: Get disabled vet out of debt

Crowdfunding: Get disabled vet out of debt

I am a 100% disabled veteran and have been unable to maintain steady employment since my discharge from the USMC 25 years ago. As of May of 2016 I finally got my life together and have been able to maintain full-time employment.

Because of this inability to maintain steady employment, I have amassed insurmountable debt. I am in my late forties and will never be able to pay off what I owe before I reach retirement age. I have debt from going to University, debt from living on credit over the last 25 years, car debt, and housing debt.

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in counseling and with that I was able to secure the job of my dreams. I work with the seriously mental ill and not only do I help them I believe this job may have saved my life. I have found a purpose and meaning that helps me feel invigorated.

I do not expect to receive the total of what I owe. I have dug my hole and I will work on getting out of it but any help would be much appreciated. If this is campaign is completed I will be debt free and not in danger of bankruptcy.

I have over $60,000.00 in debt related to my degree from the University. I have another $30,000.00 in unsecured debts. I also have an embarrassing amount of auto debt nearly $50,000.00 in car leases so I cannot even sell back, I cannot even pay it off early if I had the money. However if I had the money in the bank this would a way of making me less nervous about finances, in the unlikely event I am unable to work again due to my disability. The amount of the debt, that must be repaid, is approximately $140,000.00. That would be the amount I would really appreciate receiving funds to pay down.

There is also the amount of monthly bills that I will have no matter what. I live where the rent/mortgages are very high, then the cost of utilities, groceries, gas, maintenance of the property whether owned or rented, and misc. bills that come up randomly. Monthly bills are; housing payments $2300, groceries $1000.00, gas for vehicles $250.00 – $400.00 depending on travel needed for work, utilities $250.00 – $600.00 depending on the weather, upkeep on a property needs to be budgeted for even if not used for around $250.00 a month for emergencies, $450.00 1st car payment, $325.00 2nd car, $660.00 1st unsecured debt, $250.00 2nd unsecured debt, and $333.00 budgeted for student loans. This total is $6568.00 average per month taking most of our paycheck without servicing anything more than the bare minimums on our debt, but we are not getting ahead because we are so far behind. This takes up our salary and my disability payment.

I understand not everyone who reads this can contribute at this time. However; you can help by sharing this story on social media and telling your friends about the campaign to help reach our goal. Thank you in advance.

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